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Broken & Restored

Author Michael Gay Parker has chosen to reveal the worst of his sins and deepest secrets for the sake of magnifying the power in God’s love, grace and mercy.  Born and raised in church, after facing unexpected tragedies, he decided to leave the Lord’s path and carved out his own. The path he chose was riddled with drugs, alcohol, sex, depression, rage, and incarceration. While at the bottom of life’s bucket, Jesus Christ was waiting to restore his brokenness.

Broken & Restored is a powerful story of hope and redemption, and is a must read, especially for those serving time, or connected to someone who is.

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What Others Are Saying


“You can believe what is between the covers of this book. If Mike is anything, he is authentic, and his love for the Lord is real. I know deep down he wrote this book to help people. May his story be strength and hope for you, the reader. I know it has been for me.”

Michael Swiergosz


“I came across this book at a time in my life when I needed proof that God does love us all and is there for us no matter what situation we are in. 

Even though my story is totally different from Michael, the way God has been there with him through it all made be have hope. 

Sometimes all it takes is to read someone else’s story or believes to assure you that God does exist. I recommend this book to everyone. Trust me it will change the way you see things. 

Thank you Michael for sharing your life with the world. May God continue to bless you and your family.”

Kindle Reader


“For two and a half years Michael’s daily ‘devotionals’ to me were that ‘apt word fitly spoken in due season’ (Proverbs 15:23).  When days were the darkest and deepest for him, they were light for me. This book recounts some of those days and the stories he shared with me in stark honest revelation.”

Mama Jean